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Muro rosa

Hello,  I am

Miss F uoriluogo


My story

My name is Annie, born in '76, I am Roman and  I'm a dickhead.



Great worker.

Single (for now).

10 years ago, when I had now reached the pinnacle of my working career

as office manager in one of the most famous international law firms in Italy,

I decide it was time to grow up and continue on my way.

The one that I really wanted to go.

I leave my permanent job and with the TFR money I open a shop in Viale Trastevere.

A clothing and accessories shop.

Not just any clothing and accessories shop (otherwise I would stay as a secretary!).

A shop that really made a difference.

Both as regards the clothing that I was looking for in Italian companies 

that were not "mass",

both as regards the approach with customers.

Because famous and understood ...

it's not just the product you sell that makes the difference, it's also how you sell it.

Trastevere is no longer what it once was

and, unfortunately, the street where I am has been stormed by the Chinese.

Thus, the first intense year of work had given me the skills just to pay the bills.

In a nutshell, I had no na lira p'anna on vacation.

I allow myself a weekend in Castellabate with a friend. And I immediately fall in love with the place.

I call the "PROLOCO" and hear if there is a demonstration in the month of August

that allows you to rent a stand.

I thought it was a good solution.

In the morning I was at the seaside

and in the evening I worked with clothing and paid for the holiday expenses ...

From here a world opened up. 

Luck kisses the bold.

Help yourself that God helps you ...

In short, say it as you want ...

I arrive in the right place at the right time.

The proloco tells me that two days before my call a contract with another merchant did not go through and,

therefore, I had a shop available for the months of June, July and August.




And not only.

They also told me that if I worked I would give a percentage of the sales

otherwise friends as before. 

When the streets open like this you can't close them.

Rome is empty on summer weekends, you know.

So I start the first two months to go back and forth only on weekends

and in August I move for the whole month.

Here I discover my artistic vein.

I start to take the women passing by, I dress them and I show them off. 

I start organizing events and fashion shows.

  I organize "THE BOOK GOES IN FASHION" in the Castle of the village, then FASHION FLASH MOB,

DRESS TEASE ... oh yes my dear, I look like this ...

but i speak 4 languages and i am able to put women in skirts

in Piazza del Popolo and have them dressed by the boys (dress tease is the opposite of strip tease) ...


At the end of August it was time to say goodbye.

And, instead, the biggest surprise.

The owner of the shop walls, who is now Annie ,

he understands that they are able to raise the level of the country

- I was the first to open a business in the village -

all others came later (except for the refreshment activities)

  proposes me to rent the shop with a 6 plus 6 year contract.


You understand that I could not refuse.

Only with the first 4 days of August I would have paid the rent for the whole year.

So I accept. And I sign the contract.

I go back to Rome and Castellabate's customers start calling me to get dressed 

now for San Costabile (folkloristic patronal feast)

now for Christmas

now for the Befana

now for Valentine's Day

In short…

even in winter I started to go back and forth.

I'll tell you all ... it had become a grind.

Load and unload the car every weekend yes and no ...

an ass that half is enough.

The country is another reality.

You breathe clean air, you eat genuine food, you don't have the stress of traffic and all that.

You have more time to do the things you enjoy than to spend it in the car.

And let's face it ...

life is much cheaper.

So, I cancel the Rome contract, I take my cats

and I move to Castellabate.

Once I moved, the boys started asking me

to also open a men's shop. 

So, always because the villagers loved me

(otherwise I would have just had to close the shack and puppets),

they offer me the second shop.


What is now Miss Fuoriluogo .


I try to put the man, but I soon understand that it is not possible to carry him forward.

The man today needs the same attention that I give to the woman.

And I couldn't do it alone. 

A good sailor is the one who when he realizes that the boat will sink,

save what can be saved and abandon ship.

I haven't abandoned the shop.

But I transformed it, still as a woman.  

The choice of the name was easy enough. 

I had a blog called "The miss amiss"

which in English means “Miss Fuoriluogo”. 

I decided to call it that.

People often attribute the word Out of Place to something negative.

Instead it is not like that.

Fuoriluogo is everything that goes beyond the crowd.

You are not one of many, but one who has a story, a world and a life to tell.

Here you are.

That's all.

Now you know everything about me.



Beauty begins the moment
You decide to Be Yourself

Coco Chanel

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